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Since launch, 3,000+ Visitors, from 40 Countries in 428 Cities.

Atlas – Making a New Pipe Map

Since the website went live 14 days ago, we have received over 2,800 visitors from around the Globe.  Я с удовольствие говорю на русском , французском , немецком и англий...
by David M.

Revyagin, Nautilus

Michail Revyagin, Changing The Game – Part 2

In part 1 of this article, we looked at several pictures of the following pipe in its various stages of construction. Now we get to look at the end result. The surprisingly important thing to do right now, is to go grab a cup b...
by David M.


Michail Revyagin

Michail Revyagin, Changing The Game – Part 1

Part One. Beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder. Person A and Person B, with their different histories and their different personal reasons, will always see the same one object through a different personal lens. How ...
by David M.


Guys Cant Hide

Will Purdy, Andrew Marks & Larry Roush, These Guys Can’t Hide

  If we were to put 100 pipes on display, 20 feet from where we stand, it would be difficult to determine which carver made which pipe. At such a distance the beautiful aesthetic & individual details on the surface of ...
by David M.


Hello All!

Welcome to the newest torture of David M. No, no, no, not torture. Fun rather, however it has been torture to learn how to navigate around this ‘create your own website’ thing. I can’t tell you how many hours ...
by David M.