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Collector Curious

The Curious purchase habits of the Collector

As a collector, my general pipe buying habit can be summarized as follows. I see a pipe I like, I know I want to have it and I go about the process of making it mine. Sometimes though, the pipe that I want is not available. Som...
by David M.


Intolerance is Futile

A few weeks back Erwin Van Howe, a highly respected pipe collector and fellow pipe smoker, brought to discussion the unfortunate but common issue of intolerance by some pipe smokers, towards other pipe smokers who happen to enj...
by David M.


Time-Flies-20855 Web

Time Flies – Tempus Musca

      Have you seen them? They tend to gather around when you are working on some seemingly simple task that takes forever. During the past three weeks I have unwittingly adopted many of them as house pets. I am ...
by David M.