Time Flies – Tempus Musca

Time Flies – Tempus Musca

Have you seen them? They tend to gather around when you are working on some seemingly simple task that takes forever. During the past three weeks I have unwittingly adopted many of them as house pets. I am winding up the clock on one of them right now. They like it when I do that, it’s like rubbing a dog’s stomach, their legs start to twitch with joy.

I have been dealing with lovely & adorable tech issues on the website. As some of you may notice, the site looks different. I adopted a new theme. Not the smartest thing to do when you have just launched a website and you did the same thing less than eight weeks ago. Such is the life however of someone who wants things to look a specific way. Although please don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely and positively complaining. I did not expect the technical portion of this website thing to be as cumbersome as it is. I freely admit that I was very wrong. Plugging away is what you do though. You don’t stop and you just keep looking forward at the goal.

The new layout is meant to make it easier for you to find things. Granted there are not that many ‘things’ up here yet but I have an avalanche of stuff coming soon. I made menu’s to separate the Articles, Interviews and Blurbs. You can now sign up and subscribe to get updates each time something new comes is published. There is a ‘popular post’ counter which helps you find what people really enjoyed reading and conversely what they did not. Unfortunately the counter is not showing the 6,500 visitors that came here during the last eight weeks but it will still do the job moving forward. I have yet to figure out the Featured Article image and making it show up properly but give me a few years and I will fix it.

During this ‘site maintenance’ period, Neill Archer Roan wrote a very pleasant note about this site. We chatted briefly afterwards and I was able to vent some of my technical frustrations with a fellow website piper. I have no idea why but Neill thinks that I need to get a graphic artist hired. I was perplexed by that comment. I don’t know how any of you are not immediately falling in love with the horrendous brown that currently hugs these pages. Nor am I unable to imagine how everyone is simply not completely in love with the font I selected for the Tobacco Days logo. Check out the way I made the word Tobacco brown and Days white. That is an incredibly cool effect. Neill is absolutely right though, I do need a graphic artist although in my opinion, the more pressing need is for an editor. My writing, the biggest thing about the site, needs the most help. Slowly but surely I will address all these things. If you would like to read Neill’s note please visit his website here: http://www.apassionforpipes.com/neills-blog/2011/8/26/tobaccodays-off-to-a-great-start.html

Greg Pease Calendar

In any case, as I glance at my Greg Pease calendar and see that the month of September has now rolled around, I can’t help but think about my new two-winged insect friends sitting beside me. Thank you for your patience the past few weeks and I promise that I will only be doing these site maintenance theme changes a minimum of 4x a year.


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