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Jeff Gracik

Jeff Gracik of J. Alan Pipes – Arrived at the Top with time to Spare

Jeff Gracik has realized his goal of becoming a ‘top of his class’ pipe maker. The target of his one track mind has always been to perfect each and every shape in the chart and making sure he executes them as faithf...
by David M.

Michael Parks, Courtesy of FumeursDePipe.net

Michael Parks – Stunning, Refined, Rugged Elegance

Michael Parks is one of the most talented North American pipe makers working today. His work vibrates with an aura of unique customized authenticity. He represents the classical side of pipes with a calm and confident yet very ...
by David M.


Las Vegas Hello

West Coast Pipe Show, Las Vegas – 27 Days till we Light Up!

Now that our friends in Richmond have completed their always successful show, it is time to start talking about the next pipe show on all of our calendar’s, the West Coast Pipe Show in Las Vegas on November 5th & 6th. The...
by David M.


Stems Multi 1

The Stem Dictates!

In my mind, the pipe absolutely and positively, does not at all start & stop with the briar. For me the pipe starts with the briar and ends with the stem. The importance of the stem both as our main sensory/tactile connecti...
by David M.