West Coast Pipe Show, Las Vegas – 27 Days till we Light Up!

West Coast Pipe Show, Las Vegas – 27 Days till we Light Up!

Now that our friends in Richmond have completed their always successful show, it is time to start talking about the next pipe show on all of our calendar’s, the West Coast Pipe Show in Las Vegas on November 5th & 6th.

The West Coast Pipe show is headed up by Marty Pulvers and Steve O’Neill. The event has made leaps and bounds in only 3 short years and it has quickly established itself as one of the top pipe shows in the United States. Truly an amazing feat within such a short time frame.

Pipe smokers on the West Coast already know how great a show it is and more and more people from the East Coast as well as around the World are making the pilgrimage to Las Vegas each year. In the past 3 years the show has been represented by carvers from both North America and Europe, including overseas masters like Paolo Becker, Kurt Balleby and the late, great Rainer Barbi. This year is no different with a full US roster showing up strong as well as some more Europeans headlined by none other than Peter Heeschen.

The Pipe World comes to Las Vegas

If you have never been, I can tell you that the Las Vegas show is definitely a smaller show than Chicago however what it lacks in size, it definitely makes up for in ambience. It’s always felt like a long relaxed weekend with close friends. The only rush that takes place is the one when Jim Cooke opens up his doors and the masses come in to try and scoop up one of his pipes. Beyond that, the event feels very mellow & relaxed, like a long and extended pipe & pint. The camaraderie among everyone is amplified by the close proximity of all the events taking place at the hotel and since your never more than 5 feet away from a fellow pipe smoker, for the entire weekend, you very quickly make new friends whom you end up seeing several times over the course of the show.

For me the best place to hang out is Jack’s Irish Pub near the Casino floor. It’s always packed to the brim with pipe smokers and the smoke is always coming out of there like a thick rolling fog. It’s a small pub but it somehow fits all of us and it’s such a wonderful sight to see all your friends and hobby luminaries all together in one place.

Another huge plus for the show is that smoking is allowed in the main exhibition hall. Enough said on that issue.

As usual, the show has a full line of fantastic exhibitors which can be seen in full detail below, as well as many additional events to keep the pipe smokers busy and happy. A few of the highlight events over the weekend will be:

Master tobacco blender, Russ Ouelette of Hearth & Home will conduct a special tobacco blending seminar on Saturday afternoon.





Neill Archer Roan, from aPassionForPipes.com will be the speaker for the Saturday night dinner.





Show Tables almost Sold Out

The show has 110 exhibitor tables available and as of today’s date, it is my understanding that there are fewer than 25 tables remaining. If you are thinking about going but have yet to fork over the dough for the table, you better hurry on up and get those funds in right away because the show has sold out for the past 3 years and it is guaranteed to sell out again this year. Don’t miss out. The printable registration form for tables and the dinner is on their website and can be accessed via this link:



Feast your eyes on the current list of Attendees in alphabetical order:

(names are not active links)


Armentrout Pipes





Mark Berman

Kevin Brackett of TobaccoPipeExports.com

Brian Burk, new & old Estate Pipes

Andy Camire

Joe Cappel and Lowell Ellis

Charlie Cole of Cole Pipes





Jared Coles

Dennis Cognos

Jim Cooke





Jerry Crawford

Richard Curll

Adam Davidson of Adam Davidson Pipes





Horace DeJarnett





Mike Edborg

Maxim Engel of Pipes2Smoke.com

Gerald Ezvan




Steve Fallon

John Ferraro

David Field of RDField.com

Neil Flancbaum of SmokinHolsters.com





Richard Friedman

Keith Fry

Rodrigo Garza

Michael Glukler of BriarBlues.com





Sally Gottliebson of The Pipe Tart





Al Grosskopf

Jeff Gracik of J. Alan Pipes





Anthony Harris of Acme Woodturning

Eric Heberling of EJH Pipes





Peter Heeschen





Mark Helfin

Andy Herbruck and Rick Brown

Rick Hopkins of Ye Olde Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe

William Jennings

Steve Johnson

Bob Kiess of Dr. Bob Pipes

Robert Lawing





Karl Le Compte

Brian Levine




Steve Liskey





Roy Maret

David Melnick

Steve Monjure of Monjure International




Joe Nelson of Old Nellie Pipes

Rick Newcombe





Tonni Nielsen





Robert Noble

Steve O’Neill

Michael Parks





Carolyn Perea or Pipe Makers Emporium

Paul Perri

Mario Persico

Tom Pfaeffle

Rex Poggenpohl

Brad Pohlmann





Peter Prygelski

Marty Pulvers of PulversBriar.com

Will Purdy





Jon & Jennifer Rinaldi





Mark Ryan of Daughter’s & Ryan Tobacco

Charles Scholl

Gary Schrier





Joe Skoda






Donald Seatter of JamesIslandPiper.com





Joel Shurtleff of TheBriarPipe.com





Kjeld Sorensen of Red Hat Pipes





Maurice Sutton

Bob Swanson of PerryWhitePipes.com






Simeon Turner of Turner Pipes





Vernon Vig





Ian Walker of Northern Briars





Gunnar Weber-Prada

Chance Whittmore of Great Estate Pipes

Sykes Wilford and SmokingPipes.com





Can the line-up get any better than that? This is what we will have in our back-yard in 27 days. I am so excited I can barely type.

I have also heard, unofficially mind you, that Mike Butera will be at the show. Another tid-bit I can tell you is that Michail Revyagin is coming with me to the show so while he is not officially exhibiting, he will be there so I encourage you to say hello to him.

In honor of the West Coast Pipe show, for the next few weeks leading up to the show, TobaccoDays will feature interviews with North American (US & Canada) carvers who will be attending the West Coast event. Our first interview, coming up in a few days, will be with incredible Canadian carver, Michael Parks.

For more information on the West Coast Pipe Show, please visit their website at:


And again, if you haven’t reserved your table yet, they are almost sold out so get cracking!

All names are subject to change and TobaccoDays is not responsible if some information listed above is incorrect.

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  1. Chris - October 10, 2011

    I attended last year’s show and somehow walked away with more pipe purchases than I did in Chicago. The West Coast show is only show that my wife looks forward to attending with lots to do while in town, AND it’s a smoking show! This east coaster can’t wait!

  2. Marty Pulvers - October 12, 2011

    If I knew the line-up was going to be that strong, I wouldn’t have bothered to take a table and
    embarrass myself in front of all those wonderful pipe makers and pipe vendors.

  3. David M. - October 12, 2011

    I hope we get to smoke a bowl together Chris.

    And seriously Marty – Why did you even take a table?
    Depriving someone else a spot.
    Man oh man!!

  4. Chris - October 28, 2011

    The show is just one week away and I just want to know if I’m the only guy that has started to fret over which pipes I’ll need to pack, what brands of tobacco I’ll bring, etc.
    I hope I can get it figured out over the next week!
    As far as clothes to pack……it will take ten minutes!

    David, I look forward to a pipe together.

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