TobaccoDays will be Live Blurbing from the West Coast Pipe Show in Las Vegas!!

TobaccoDays will be Live Blurbing from the West Coast Pipe Show in Las Vegas!!

Not going to the West Coast Pipe Show this weekend? Feeling a little left out? Kinda wishing you could be there?

Well don’t get too upset if you can’t make it because if you like, you can now get as close to the show as possible while the show is going on.

I will be attending the show and I will be live ‘blurbing’ from it each day, starting tomorrow, Thursday November 3rd. To see the ‘live’ show updates, all you have to do is join me (Tobacco Days) on Facebook and you will have instant access to the live, up-to-the minute show info I will be sharing on the TobaccoDays Facebook feed.

All you have to do is become a Facebook friend of Tobacco Days. If your on Facebook, search for Tobacco Days and send a friend request or you can go to, join and find me, Tobacco Days, and send a friend request.

For those people who may find the idea of joining Facebook to be less than pleasant, believe me, I understand. To balance things out for those people I will do an end of day summary of what happened on Saturday, posted at the end of that day right here on Tobacco Days. I may also do the same for Sunday.

Your choice which way you want to go. If Live is your thing, give Facebook a try, otherwise, check in towards the end of the day on the weekend.

No matter what, I will do my best to bring the show into your home and make you feel as close to the people & pipes as possible.


David M.

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  1. Eric Vitriol - November 4, 2011

    Please consider allowing subscriptions to your Facebook page. That will allow your updates to show up in someone’s News Feed without them having to become “friends.” I, and surely others do as well, prefer not to become Facebook friends with people who I do not personally know. Thanks!

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