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Who doesn’t have their 2012 Pipe Calendar yet?

It sure isn’t me. I picked mine up a while ago. I can however imagine that a good few of you may have not done the same, yet. Seeing as how we all need calendars for the full year coming up, now is a good a time as any to...
by David M.

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Who is Maigurs Knets?…and why does he focus on exquisite Minutia?

                                              ENJOY SOME MORE FANTASTIC PIPE PICS & MORE PIPE COMMENTARY. B...
by David M.


from russia with smoke_2

From Russia with Smoke. St. Petersburg Pipe Show 2011 – Picture Report

The Russian pipe community is going strong, both in their incredible surge of new and exciting carvers, as well as within their pipe smoking & pipe collecting community. Russia is a country that has always been in many ways...
by David M.