From Russia with Smoke. St. Petersburg Pipe Show 2011 – Picture Report

From Russia with Smoke. St. Petersburg Pipe Show 2011 – Picture Report

The Russian pipe community is going strong, both in their incredible surge of new and exciting carvers, as well as within their pipe smoking & pipe collecting community. Russia is a country that has always been in many ways out of reach for many of us in so many different ways. Today it is slowly but surely making a definitive name for itself within our hobby. On top of these exciting new things that seem to be streaming out of that country these days, they also have their annual pipe show, held in St. Petersburg, formerly known as Leningrad. The St. Petersburg pipe show is produced by Alexey Shekhovtsov & Lev Vasilyev. The show has gained the attention of the global carving elite for some time now and this year was no different. Even some well-known US carvers made the long trip overseas.

Some of the attending carvers this year were: Anne Julie (Denmark), Kurt Balleby (Denmark), Jeff Gracik (USA), Per & Ulf of S. Bang (Denmark), Gregor Lobnik (Slovenia) Jan Kloucek (Czech), Manduela (Denmark), Peter Matzhold (Austria), Todd Johnson (USA) & Michael Novak (Czech). Russian carvers who took tables included the likes of Vladimir Grechukin, Roman Kovalev, Konstantin Shekita & Boris Starkov. The show also attracted such names as Nanna Ivarsson, Michail Revyagin & Viktor Yashtylov.  Without a doubt, the show was definitely well attended with top carving talent. I for one wish I was there.

Although I myself was unable to attend, I was able to employ & engage the services of well-known pipe collector Mikael Pertot and have him act as our eyes, on behalf of TobaccoDays readers, so that this far away show, can be brought into your homes. Mikael Pertot, as you will soon see, did an outstanding job of capturing the essence of this annual event.

As with the West Coast Pipe Show Picture Report, we will again begin by showing you the people who attended the show & then bring you the incredible pipes that they brought with them.

As always, I hope you enjoy or as they say in Russian, nasdarovya!


Czar’s Winter Palace, St. Petersburg

Church of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, St. Petersburg

Vladimir Grechukin & Jeff Gracik, All Smiles

Todd Johnson & Roman Kovalev

Warm Russian Kitchen Hello’s, Jeff Gracik hugging Manduela with Melissa Gracik & Anne Julie

Anne Julie and Per Bilhall, saying Hello to each other properly

Michail Revyagin, Nanna Ivarsson & Anne Julie

Roman Kovalev & Mikael Pertot

Per Bilhall ( with Alexey & Lev who are both from & St. Petersburg show producers

Boris Starkov & Jeff Gracik

Vladimir Grechukin & Konstantin Shekita, with their Joint Venture pipe

Nanna with pipe

Jeff Gracik at Senate Square in St. Petersburg

Peter Matzhold

Manduela gifting Grechukin her branded underwear

Vladimir Grechukin enjoying his Gift of underwear from Manduela

Todd Johnson & Michail Revyagin

Per Bilhall ( & Viktor Yashtylov



Todd Johnson & Jeff Gracik toasting with Vodka (not really Vodka but Brandy…Vodka sounds better though)

Kurt Balleby

Anne Julie holding a Boris Starkov pipe that Boris made in Anne’s honor


Jan Klouceks

Nanna Ivarsson and Mikael Pertot

A Happy Boris Starkov

Gregor Lobnik


Per Bilhall & Jeff Gracik

Per (S. Bang), Danchenko, Kovalev & Ulf (S. Bang)

Michael Novak & his pipes


Pipe Show Drinking, Russian Style

Michail Revyagin enjoying a Joao Reis pipe

Lev Vasilyev & Alexey Shekhovtsov – Producers of St. Petersburg show

Anne Julie & Boris Starkov

Michail Revyagin & Jeff Gracik

Camilla & Nanna Ivarsson with Per Bilhall

Todd Johnson

Michail Revyagin with Per Hansen & Ulf Noltensmeier from S. Bang

Nanna doing the nose thing again

Mikael Pertot & Andrei Klychnikov



Nanna Ivarsson & Per Bilhall (


Konstantin Shekita

Todd Johnson & Vladimir Grechukin

Jeff & Melissa Gracik


Vladimir Grechukin & Jeff Gracik – Great Picture

Michail Revyagin

Warm Russian Kitchen Hello’s, Jeff Gracik hugging Manduela with Melissa Gracik & Anne Julie

Boris Starkov, reminding us of a good idea

Michail Revyagin with one of his Horns

A Collaborative Grechukin & Shekita pipe

Manudela pipes & Manduela underwear – Perfect Combination

Manduela pipe 1

Manduela pipe 2

Manduela pipe 3

Manduela pipe 4

Manduela pipe 5

Manduela pipe 6 w: Green Rubber Ebonite

Manduela pipe 7

Manduela pipe 8

Manduela ‘double-take’ pipe 9

Manduela pipe – Perfect

J. Alan & Vladimir Grechukin Collaboration pipes – Truly Stunning Pieces

J. Alan & Vladimir Grechukin Collaboration pipes – close 5

J. Alan & Vladimir Grechukin Collaboration pipes – close 6

J. Alan & Vladimir Grechukin Collaboration pipes – close 7

J. Alan & Vladimir Grechukin Collaboration pipes – close 8

J. Alan & Vladimir Grechukin Collaboration pipes – close 2

J. Alan & Vladimir Grechukin Collaboration pipes – detail 3

J. Alan & Vladimir Grechukin Collaboration pipes – close 4

J. Alan & Vladimir Grechukin Collaboration pipes – close 3

J. Alan & Vladimir Grechukin Collaboration pipes – close 2

J. Alan & Vladimir Grechukin Collaboration pipes – detail 2

Anne Julie pipes – Magnificent

Anne Julie pipes

Anne Julie pipe

Anne Julie pipe

Anne Julie pipe 1

Anne Julie pipe 2

Anne Julie pipe 3

Anne Julie ‘out of this world’ pipes

Anne Julie Pipe, Best in Show 1

Anne Julie Pipe, Best in Show 2

Michael Novak pipes detail

Konstantin Shekita pipe

Nanna Ivarsson pipe 1

Lars Ivarsson pipe

Lars Ivarsson pipe 2

Sixten Ivarsson pipe

Bo Nordh pipe

Genod pipe by Sebastien Beo

Hiroyuki Tokutomi pipe

Hiroyuki Tokutomi pipe 1

Gregor Lobnik pipe 1

Gregor Lobnik pipe 2

Gregor Lobnik pipe 3

Gregor Lobnik pipe 4

Gregor Lobnik pipe 5

Gregor Lobnik pipe 6

Gregor Lobnik pipe 7

Gregor Lobnik pipe 8

Gregor Lobnik pipe 9

Gregor Lobnik pipe 10

Gregor Lobnik pipe 11

Gregor Lobnik pipe 12

Gregor Lobnik pipe

Grechukin pipes 1

Grechukin pipes 2

Grechukin pipes 3

Grechukin pipes 4

Grechukin pipes 5

Grechukin pipes 6

Boris Starkov pipe

Boris Starkov pipe 1

Boris Starkov pipe 2

Boris Starkov Beautiful pipe 3

Boris Starkov pipe 4

Boris Starkov pipes



Thank you again to TobaccoDays correspondant Mikael Pertot for delivering us these great pictures and truly giving us an inside view of the show.

Some information on TobaccoDays 1st foreign correspondant.

Mikael Pertot

Mikael Pertot is a 50-year old pipe collector from Sweden. He describes himself as being an avid cigar smoker for the past 20 years and that he worked as the distributor for Cigar La Donna Dorado (Dominican) in Sweden some time ago. By coincidence a friend of his introduced him to pipes several years ago and Mikael was, in his words  “…instantly hooked by the flavor and body of the tobacco…”  Shortly after that moment and sadly, like many of us, Mikael was diagnosed with P.A.D. (Pipe Acquisition Disorder) and he immediately set out on a trek to learn as much as possible regarding everything that is pipe related. His main interest was in high grade pipes and he began to visit most, if not all, the pipe makers in Sweden & Denmark. After his first visit to the 2010 St. Petersburg pipe show, Mikael got hooked on Russian and Ukranian carvers, where he believes that many of tomorrows high grade carvers will soon be found.

Mikael counts many of the best pipe makers in the world as his personal friends and he is happy to announce that Per Bilhall ( has made him Assistant Pipe Dealer and he is now in charge of managing Russian and Ukranian carvers for ScandPipes.



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