From Russia with Smoke. St. Petersburg Pipe Show 2013 – Picture Report

From Russia with Smoke. St. Petersburg Pipe Show 2013 – Picture Report

The Russian Pipe Community no longer needs an introduction. The pipe-makers from that part of the world have said a very loud ‘Hello World’ several years ago & their presence is being felt immensely in the present day and it will be felt even larger as the coming years go by. Running in parallel with their community is the St. Petersburg pipe show, also gaining in popularity year after year. I covered the show in 2011 with the help of Mikael Pertot, Swedish Collector Supreme & Buyer at

(Read & See the Pictures from the 2011 St. Petersburg Pipe Show Here) Once again, I did not attend the show this year but once again, it is being covered. Two weeks ago, I received a pleasant email from my friend Jeff Gracik of J. Alan Pipes, asking me if I wanted him to take a few pictures of the show, from a “pipe-maker’s perspective.” Naturally, I said yes and here we are.

Jeff’s perspective of his time in Russia, as you will shortly see, involves spending time in places & doing things that I would never be doing. One such example –  making some pipes. With that in mind and imagining how busy his schedule was, we thank Jeff immensely for taking the time to show & share with us, his experience in Russia.

2013 St. Petersburg Pipe Show Location

Pipe-Makers & Pipe-Collectors, greeting each other in the lobby.

Jeff Gracik & friend enjoying some Russian beer pre-show

The show location, slowly but surely, being taken over by Pipes.

A view of the show floor

Vladimir Grechukin cutting the ceremonial cake

Hiroyuki Tokutomi’s table

Peder Jeppesen’s table

Italian Pipemakers Set

Jeff Gracik, Luca & Manduela

Some stunning & amazing pipes. I see an assortment of Grechukin pipes. So many Vladimir Grechukin pipes can only mean one thing – This must be the show table for PipeShop.RU

Night-time fun in Russia. I can see Alexey Shekhovtsov, Lev Vasilyev (the organizers of the St. Petersburg Pipe Show), Manduela and Nanna Ivarsson

Since TobaccoDay’s show correspondant happens to be a world-class pipe-maker, while he was in Russia, he made time to craft some pipes. I know this work-shop well so no need to guess. This is Vladimir Grehukin’s work-shop, inside Alexey & Lev’s headquarters.

Jeff Gracik (foreground) and Vladimir Grechukin in the rear.

Vladimir Grechukin


Vladimir Grechukin, Nanna Ivarsson smiling at us & who I assume is her sister, sitting with her back to the camera. A lot of incredible pipe talent has filled Grechukin’s work-shop over the years.

Looks like everyone at the shop enjoyed some premium tobacco cigarettes.

If you would like to read an interview I did with Vladimir Grechukin, in this very work-shop, several years ago, please

(Read & Click Here

Jeff sand-blasting….

Grechukin sandblasting….what are these guys blasting? See below.

Looks like this is what Jeff and Vladimir were working on together over the weekend.

The final result of the Gracik (J. Alan Pipes) & Grechukin collaboration. Pretty nice isn’t it? Work on a pair of pipes one day, sitting on the show table the next. Talk about SUPER FRESH, ABSOLUTELY DIRECT OUT OF THE OVEN pipes!

St. Petersburg Pipe Show Dinner

Jeff Gracik & Manduela (both in front) having a blast with fellow pipe friends at the dinner.

Tom Eltang & Per Bilhall of filling up the center of the picture & fellow pipe friends.

Pipes combining the Master Talents of Vladimir Grechukin and Hiroyuki Tokutomi. Look at that blasted long-stem in the lower left. Wonderful!

Alexey Shekhovtsov describes these as ElGrech (Eltang & Grechukin) Tubos (reverse calabash) pipes in the shape of Dachshunds…per the collector’s request. Impressive droopy ears!


An exceptional Grechukin brandy with a Zap Zap tamper. Fitting very well together.

Another Grechukin masterpiece with Zap Zap tamper.

Alexander Berezhnoy pipes.

Berezhnoy pipes. Design in similar style to Michail Revyagin reverse calabash previous pieces.

Berezhnoy pipes. Design in similar style to Michail Revyagin reverse calabash previous pieces.

Konstantin Anastasopoulos – 7 Deadly Sins Pipe Set

Konstantin Anastasopoulos – 7 Deadly Sins Pipe Set – Detail


Jeff Gracik having fun while borrowing portions of Manduela’s hair

What a Great Picture. From right to left starting at top. Jeff Gracik, Vladimir Grechukin, Lee von Erck, Konstantinos Anastasopoulos, Joao Reis, Kostas Gourvelos & Lower Row, gentleman, Hiroyuki Tokutomi, Peter Heeschen, Manduela & Kai Nielsen.

Thank you so much Jeff. You gave us a look at the St. Petersburg pipe show and we thank you immensely for it. It is clear you had a great time and pretty clear that you had the time to produce some great pipes as well. A unique feat and all in a long day’s work for a pipe-maker such as yourself.

Thank you as well St. Petersburg Show Organizers and Russian Pipe Community. Looking forward to more & more & more.

Readers & friends, feel free to send me a note on any pipe-makers I may have missed.

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  1. Dogboy - December 6, 2013

    Gentleman on left – Kai Nielsen. Gentleman on right – young pipemaker from Genod/

  2. Edwin K - December 6, 2013

    Such a wonderful pipeshow and how I wish I could be there in person. Thank you so much for sharing the photos!

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