The Winners of the ‘Most Creative Pipe Photo’ Contest

The Winners of the ‘Most Creative Pipe Photo’ Contest

The response to the contest was absolutely amazing.

We had 152 submissions from 38 different countries.

Pipe-smokers from all over the world participated in this contest. We had submissions from Korea, Germany, China, Canada, France, Switzerland, Croatia and many more countries. Our initial marketing did it’s work and thank you to all of you who helped to participate in spreading the word.

And to the artists and pipe collectors who participated, you all took on this task and produced some of the most incredible, most unique, most interesting, new & unique perspectives on our pipes that we have ever seen. Just incredible what all of you did. I just had to scratch the surface a little and all of your creativity was instantly visible.

The ease with which we took our basic pipe shot and turned into something so different was astounding. Kudos to all of the participants. You make our visual world that much richer.

The judging went through a few different rounds. The entire judging panel did their job diligently and we even had discussions once the winners were selected. The democratic process took effect and we came up with the winning photos. In the end, we only had room for 5 winners.

In 1st Place and winning pipes & prizes in the amount of $500 was Grega Sajn with this image called ‘No Rush’.


Grega Sajn, “No Rush”

In 2nd Place and winning pipes & prizes in the amount of $300 was Mark Irwin with this image called ‘AeroBilliard at Milan Cucciago’

Mark Irwin, “AeroBilliard Hangar at Cucciago”


In 3rd Place and winning pipes & prizes in the amount of $200 was Olivier Rousseau with this image called ‘There’s Been An Accident’.


Olivier Rousseau, “There’s Been An Accident”

Two Honorable Mentions, each winning $100 in pipes & prizes were:

1. Roman and Maria Kovalev, “Pipe Cleaners in Flower Vase on top of Briar.”

Roman and Maria Kovalev, “Pipe Cleaners in Flower Vase on top of Briar”

2. Roman Kaufman, “A Deep Conversation”


Roman Kaufman, “A Deep Conversation”

The winners have 10 days from today to contact me at to start the process of claiming their prizes.

The response to the pictures (we produced 10 posters and brought them to the show) was amazing. To give you a small & little idea though of what people thought of our pictures….I can share with you that we raised close to $900 for the CPCC show through the Silent Auction with 10 images that I printed up and submitted.

Tom Eltang & Teddy Knudsen each fell in love with some of the individual images (as one example of some names you might now) and those two as well as many others bid on our images. I will give a longer & much more in depth post about the contest, what people said, what people recommended we do in years to come & much much more shortly. Let me catch my breath after the great Chicago show and get back to you soon.

Thank you again to all of you and congratulations on helping us show the pipe world a Completely New Perspective on Pipes.

My Best,

David M.

Note: This post was written and posted while flying at 38,000 feet from Chicago. :)

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  1. John Semel - May 5, 2014

    Thanks for running the contest. While I didn’t win, I had a lot of fun thinking up some creative shots, and I hope I generated some laughs in the process! Hats off to the winners!
    – JS

    • David M. - May 8, 2014

      Hey John,

      That’s great to hear.
      You and many others did a great job and thank you so much for participating and thinking up of fun stuff.

      My Best,


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