Awesome Unique Bamboo

Awesome Unique Bamboo


I enjoy seeing extreme examples of collectible pipes done well.

They are not easy to make.
They are rare.
We don’t see them often.

If the entire piece retains harmony, then its a job well done & since it is something we don’t get to experience too often, it’s good to take a longer look at them.

Bamboo, as a highly natural material, definitely gives us access to some one of a kind & unique pieces.

Adam Davidson shows us an all black, Ghoul like Tree Shadow cast on the ground, fantastic piece.
Smart of him to make everything black. Works well for such a visually dynamic bamboo piece.

Adam Davidson

Adam Davidson

Michael Parks, sandblasted this black piece of bamboo & created this piece.

Michael Parks

Michael Parks

A Steve Liskey, beautiful head scratcher.

Steve Liskey

Steve Liskey

Definitely not for everyone but still definitely for someone.
This however is not the focus when exploring these pieces.
Enjoy it for being different if you can.

This is a Roman Kovalev or Doctor’s Pipes piece that made its way to TobaccoDays headquarters because he said I had to see it.

Roman Kovalev

Roman Kovalev

99% of Roman’s other bamboo work is completely normal, showing us a more common & understandable beauty, modern mixed with classical, simple, recognizable & known shapes.

Roman Kovalev

Roman Kovalev

Roman Kovalev, Bamboo Detail

Roman Kovalev, Bamboo Detail. 3 gentle rippled lines flowing through this piece, like a river, connecting the two sides of the pipe.

This other piece from Roman lands in the other 1%. It is not a normal piece of bamboo, not even for Roman.
He tackled this gnarly & twisted piece very well though.

The only way to truly understand the depth of this piece is to see it in 360 degrees.
Grab the below image with your mouse and spin it. In any direction. Have fun.
Spin the pipe around. Look at the nooks & crannies.

The bowl, almost has to be bigger with the flattening out the bamboo does as it joins the shank.

A slightly lower view.

Grab this image and spin it all the way around with your mouse. It will go 360-degrees.

The stemwork is a mish mashed puzzle connected to the bamboo’s rear with perfection.
Grab this image & spin! 360 degrees all the way around & in any direction.

If you don’t know, Roman Kovalev has a scientist lab like setup in his shop and he plays with unique materials. He loves poking around on the forest floor. To see materials he uses and the science lab setup look at the images towards the bottom of this TobaccoDays 2014 – Pushing & Advancing New Ideas Out To All Of You

A crazy & unique piece of bamboo you had to see.
Thank you Roman for sharing this with us.

Calm Smokes Everyone.

David M.



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