I was born in 1976. I have been attached to the many different flavors and tastes of tobacco since 1992. I have been in love with cigars since 2003. I fell deeper in love with pipes and pipe-tobacco in 2006.

To combine a love for the taste in tobacco with the art and craftsmanship of pipe-making, is obviously a dream come true for many of us.

My favorite shape is a full bent billiard. I enjoy smaller sized pipes, around group 3. I buy pipes that weigh less than 2 oz.

I purposely used the word tobacco in the blog. It is a conscious attempt to fight the current climate and show a different side of the word & not be ashamed of it.

I don’t think any topic’s are taboo. Discussing the realities of any situation is a necessary part of general discussion. Historically speaking (and nothing should be different in our times, no matter what the subject), the start of a disagreement has almost exclusively led to greater understanding.

Speak English, Russian and German fluently. Decent command of French.