Al Pascia



Gracik + Grechukin = Unplanned Genius. Two Classic Masters collaborate to produce Dramatic & Unexpected Results.

  Джеф Грейсик & Владимир Гречухин – неожиданный гений. Совершенно уникальное сотрудничество порождает абсолютно неож...
by David M.


Prepare to enjoy a World of Smoking Pipe Wonder, brought to us by Christian Wolfsteiner of Tarock Briar

I introduce the German abstract pipe maker Christian Wolfsteiner through another German abstract artist, Mr. Paul Klee. Paul Klee is very famous for making some of the most profound abstract art our eyes have seen to date. Paul...
by David M.


Quality Barier

Focus in on & learn about the Independent & Edgy Spirit of the new ‘Indie Pipe Economy’

All of us have been amazed at the hundreds of new wood workers & pipe makers flooding the market in recent years. Large Pipe Retailers have been scooping the best ones up as fast as they come in. The pipe carvers the large ...
by David M.



Tonni Nielsen – Learn why this Danish Freehand Masters Innovative Techniques make him one of the Most Diverse Pipe Makers in the World today.

  You remember the type of guy in high school who was not very talkative? The kind of guy who kept mostly to himself. Quietly walking through the halls. You’d notice that guy in class ever so often but you never really i...
by David M.


Michail Revyagin: In the right place, at the right time & Pipe Smoking Design takes a giant leap forward.

The roots of this pipe maker’s story begin about 6 years ago. Back then it became apparent to me that this pipe maker was doing something that I could not ignore. Four Years ago, almost to the day, I decided to write an a...
by David M.