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Around The Pipe World – Pt 3. Reviewing years 2014 to present

Spotting Those Pipe Makers Who Think Radically Different How do you find the Michail Revyagin’s & the game changer’s of the pipe world? Those pipe makers who are doing something different. You have to see something in t...
by David M.


Around The Pipe World – Pt 2. Reviewing years 2014 to present.

  Basic Building Blocks Put To Good Use None of the pipe makers working can progress & move forward without having knowledge of the basic & fundamental building blocks of pipe making. Both from an engineering but m...
by David M.


Quality Barier

Around The Pipe World – Pt 1. Reviewing years 2014 to present.

  TobaccoDays continue to promote ideas & design concepts to influence the pipe making & collector community. It’s been a while for me so let’s see what has been going on in the pipe world the past year. Let...
by David M.



Gracik + Grechukin = Unplanned Genius. Two Classic Masters collaborate to produce Dramatic & Unexpected Results.

  Джеф Грейсик & Владимир Гречухин – неожиданный гений. Совершенно уникальное сотрудничество порождает абсолютно неож...
by David M.


Prepare to enjoy a World of Smoking Pipe Wonder, brought to us by Christian Wolfsteiner of Tarock Briar

I introduce the German abstract pipe maker Christian Wolfsteiner through another German abstract artist, Mr. Paul Klee. Paul Klee is very famous for making some of the most profound abstract art our eyes have seen to date. Paul...
by David M.