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Chicago Pipe Show 2015 – Pipe Picture Report

I had to sit this year’s Chicago Pipe show out. I am still at home in California. That still didn’t stop me from doing some type of reporting and I was able to get the pictures of pipes brought by some pipe makers f...
by David M.


West Coast Pipe Show 2014 Show Report

For yours truly, the 2014 West Coast Pipe Show was only a 24-hour affair. I flew in on Friday night & flew out on Saturday evening. Even in that short time I was able to pack a ton of pipe fun in so as you can imagine, I ha...
by David M.


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West Coast Pipe Show Pipe Haul, What I Purchased, All US-made Pipes

I don’t usually write about the pipes I buy at a show. Today though, I will use it as an excuse to write about some briar Most of the time I try to only buy high grade pipes. What is the definition of a high grade? I won&...
by David M.



How to Visually Explain our Favorite Pipe Makers Design Styles

Part of the joy of pipe collecting & pipe smoking is seeing the vast range of different pipe design styles that our artisan’s and craftsmen bring to the table. Some styles stay the same and are timeless classics that ...
by David M.


Inside the Pipe Photo Contest – Final Round Pictures & More

Creativity is the act of taking a traditional rule, idea, concept, known pattern, known relationship etc… and taking it to a new place of interpretation. We have our traditional views on one end and then we have the views...
by David M.