Al Pascia



2 Minds Join as 1. What you don’t know about Geiger pipes.

You may know that: Geiger Pipes come from the country of Sweden. -and-       2.  That each Geiger Pipe is a product of the joint collaboration between the husband & wife duo, Love (pronounced Lou-Ve) & Sara. What el...
by David M.


Vladimir Grechukin – The “New Classics” Master

At 63 years of age, Vladimir Grechukin may in fact have the largest amount of design wisdom that I have ever encountered in any pipe-maker. This statement is not made simply due to the amount of years he has lived but definitel...
by David M.


Quality Barier

Cornelius Manz – Focusing on his own Voice

Is there a pipe-maker having more fun today than Cornelius Manz? (also spelled Maenz) How can he not be having fun? His pipes are sold out within a few hours of being posted. His re-orders from retailers are occurring at a non-...
by David M.



Liskey & Turner, Two Paths to the Same Dream

  If you have had the opportunity to attend a pipe show here in North America over the past couple of years, it would be hard not to notice the classical revival of young, enthusiastic new pipe makers that are making their...
by Chris Garlasco


Who is Maigurs Knets?…and why does he focus on exquisite Minutia?

                                              ENJOY SOME MORE FANTASTIC PIPE PICS & MORE PIPE COMMENTARY. B...
by David M.