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Prepare to enjoy a World of Smoking Pipe Wonder, brought to us by Christian Wolfsteiner of Tarock Briar

Posted  October 31, 2014  by  David M.

I introduce the German abstract pipe maker Christian Wolfsteiner through another German abstract artist, Mr. Paul Klee. Paul Klee is very famous for making some of the most profound abstract art our eyes have seen to date. Paul created some of the most odd, unique, full of new visual delight paintings that were both haunting, [...]

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How to Visually Explain our Favorite Pipe Makers Design Styles

Posted  October 29, 2014  by  David M.

Part of the joy of pipe collecting & pipe smoking is seeing the vast range of different pipe design styles that our artisan’s and craftsmen bring to the table. Some styles stay the same and are timeless classics that are often repeated. Some styles are brand new and they take the craft forward in giant [...]

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Focus in on & learn about the Independent & Edgy Spirit of the new ‘Indie Pipe Economy’

Posted  September 17, 2014  by  David M.

All of us have been amazed at the hundreds of new wood workers & pipe makers flooding the market in recent years. Large Pipe Retailers have been scooping the best ones up as fast as they come in. The pipe carvers the large retailers grab are the “lucky ones”. Once in a large retailers trophy [...]

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Tonni Nielsen – Learn why this Danish Freehand Masters Innovative Techniques make him one of the Most Diverse Pipe Makers in the World today.

Posted  August 28, 2014  by  David M.

  You remember the type of guy in high school who was not very talkative? The kind of guy who kept mostly to himself. Quietly walking through the halls. You’d notice that guy in class ever so often but you never really interacted with him that much. He probably also hung out at the edge [...]

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Michail Revyagin: In the right place, at the right time & Pipe Smoking Design takes a giant leap forward.

Posted  June 24, 2014  by  David M.

The roots of this pipe maker’s story begin about 6 years ago. Back then it became apparent to me that this pipe maker was doing something that I could not ignore. Four Years ago, almost to the day, I decided to write an article about this pipe maker titled: “Michail Revyagin, Changing The Game”. If [...]

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Exploring Pipe Evolution – Eder Mathias – Fun, Fast & Dynamic

I rarely write about pipe-makers who have less than 100 pipes under their belt. The main reason being that virtually 100% of the time, such pipe-makers have not yet had enough time to neither develop their own style  nor find ...
by David M.


2 Minds Join as 1. What you don’t know about Geiger pipes.

You may know that: Geiger Pipes come from the country of Sweden. -and-       2.  That each Geiger Pipe is a product of the joint collaboration between the husband & wife duo, Love (pronounced Lou-Ve) & Sara. What el...
by David M.


Al Pascia

Dear Pipe Friends

Dear Pipe Friends, Please accept my apologies for the delay in getting some new information up to you. I have been in the process of moving my life from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles the past few weeks. I have moved...
by David M.


Al Pascia

Exploring Pipe Evolution Series – The Stem Designs of Viktor Yashtylov

The ‘Exploring Pipe Evolution’ Series focuses on the idea of reviewing any aspect of significant growth, change and/or evolution, within the world of pipes, usually through the work of a pipe-maker. Discussions can ...
by David M.



A Pipe-Maker says that Freehand is Dead!

Future innovation, be it artistic, technological or even philosophical, is born by way of a challenge to conventional thinking. With regards to past artistic challenges, do you remember what Francois Duchamp submitted as “art...
by David M.

Dasnish Pipe Shop


Visiting Vladimir Grechukin – Photo Essay

I hope you had time to read the previous interview on pipe-maker Vladimir Grechukin. Since I spent a few days with him and his team in St. Petersburg, Russia, you can imagine that I was able to take a lot of pictures during my ...
by David M.


Vladimir Grechukin – The “New Classics” Master

At 63 years of age, Vladimir Grechukin may in fact have the largest amount of design wisdom that I have ever encountered in any pipe-maker. This statement is not made simply due to the amount of years he has lived but definitel...
by David M.


Quality Barier

Chicago Show 2013 – Show Report

Once again the greatest pipe show on earth has come and gone. Chicago 2013 was the place to see old friends and meet new ones alike. Quite unfortunately, yours truly was unable to attend the event this year but after looking at...
by David M.



Exploring Pipe Evolution – Boris Starkov’s Fin

All pipe-makers and their work naturally evolve over time. Things change within their work and sometimes you can literally see the step by step, natural transitions that such an idea takes and you can watch as it slowly evolves...
by David M.


The Easy Transformation of the Briar Block’s Skin from Wood to something Extraordinary

Its nice to know that if a pipe maker ever becomes flustered with difficult thoughts related to what type of shape they should make next, they can always breath at least a small sigh of relief knowing that we also have the pipe...
by David M.



Temporary Hiatus Almost Over

Dear Readers, The site has clearly been on a temporary break for some time. Clearly for good reason though. Some of the reasons are connected to the new business venture I am involved in, coupled with a full blown move down to ...
by David M.


Don’t Smoke Aromatics? Think Again!

    I found my way to the joy of pipe tobacco after many years as a self described cigar aficionado. Rather than starting out as many new pipe smokers do in the world of aromatics, it was a natural progression for me ...
by Chris Garlasco