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Tonni Nielsen – Learn why this Danish Freehand Masters Innovative Techniques make him one of the Most Diverse Pipe Makers in the World today.

  You remember the type of guy in high school who was not very talkative? The kind of guy who kept mostly to himself. Quietly walking through the halls. You’d notice that guy in class ever so often but you never really i...
by David M.

Eder Main Cover

Exploring Pipe Evolution – Eder Mathias – Fun, Fast & Dynamic

I rarely write about pipe-makers who have less than 100 pipes under their belt. The main reason being that virtually 100% of the time, such pipe-makers have not yet had enough time to neither develop their own style  nor find ...
by David M.


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Are you a Tobacco Customer or a Hoarder? Who Decides?

Much has been said of late concerning the “hoarding” of popular, hard to come by, brands of tobacco. It seems to have come to somewhat of a crescendo with the significant price increase of Samual Gawith bulk tobacco by some...
by Chris Garlasco